Design & Installation


We love ideas! And what we love even more is bringing those ideas to life. We listen, we advise, then apply your vision to design and install a beautiful aquarium and provide excellent service. Every aspect of your aquarium build will be handled with your goals, lifestyle and budget in mind. We strive for excellence and will accept nothing less, therefore we choose our suppliers and vendors carefully. Southwest Aquaculture has built strong and reliable relationships and leverages those partnerships to provide you the best results possible.

Our commercial installations are fun and engaging, and very easy to maintain. We simplify the process of design, installation and support by implementing a maintenance schedule to take all the load off the business staff, and offer on-call availability in the event of a mishap. Studies have shown aquariums help to alleviate stress and reduce tension.

A home aquarium is a great way to beautify that awkward space in a room.  Let’s work together to incorporate a beautiful piece of living art to compliment the space, and as a result bring tranquility and enjoyment.  Our professional aquarium design and install service takes the guesswork out of aquarium ownership, and as a result you won’t need to be an indulged hobbyist to enjoy long-term success.

We are licensed and insured.

Please let us know if you would like a quote to design, and install an aquarium in your home, our business. Or if you have general questions and need additional information, no problem. Click the button below and provide us a few details, we will get in touch as soon as possible.