Aquarium Design & Consultation

We design install and care for beautiful aquariums. Our work brings pleasure and satisfaction to our clients. Our consultative service has proven to be invaluable for new installations, existing aquariums, and even more-so when an established aquarium becomes due for a makeover.

Aquarium Maintenance

Our maintenance support has been a key component in our clients' success in owning an aquarium. In commercial environments, our aquarium services alleviates the hassle of maintenance. We are able to service your aquarium weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the system requirements.

Looking for corals?

Head over to our coral site where you will find a variety of beautiful corals, suitable for beginners and collectors alike. Free overnight shipping on orders $175+ and a DOA guarantee.

Custom Aquariums, Tailored Design, Installation And Maintenance.

At Southwest Aquaculture, we take pride in our attention to detail, depth of knowledge, quality of service, and our tailored approach to aquarium design. We work closely with interior designers, architects and our clients to create self contained ecosystems, complimenting the space in which they reside. We follow up our amazing installations with customized maintenance, which is critical to the success and enjoyment of your aquarium.

Aquarium Profiles

Rod C
Rod C

120 gallon mixed reef to compliment existing room items. Aquascaped with Caribsea Life Rock, with some branches incorporated to add depth of field. The system is Apex Controlled and lit with Ecotech Marine Radions.    

Kyle R
Kyle R

This 100g peninsula aquarium was setup as an anemone/soft coral display. It housed 5 rose bubble anemones and soft corals like the beautiful Japanese Toadstool Leather This system was controlled by a Neptune Systems Apex Controller, and lit by a custom built LED fixture. This aquarium was located in the study where the owner can sit and enjoy a good…

Gary H
Gary H

Here’s a custom 135 gallon that was setup temporarily to maintain the ambiance in the room as well as keep the fish and corals happy while a new 8 foot aquarium was being built. This setup was Controlled by a Neptune Systems Apex controller and supplemented Calcium and Alkalinity via a Neptune Systems DOS dosing pump drawing liquid from a…

Aquarium Design Installation & Maintenance – Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Queen Creek, Phoenix Arizona.