Aquarium Aquascape Design Ideas - Southwest Aquaculture

If you happen to have the opportunity to compare two aquariums side-by-side with relatively similar biotopes, did you know that the aquascaping could be the deciding factor of which one you like better? While it mostly boils down to personal taste, there are some key elements to pay attention to the next time you set eyes on an aquarium.

  • Height of the aquascape
  • In-tank equipment placement
  • Aquarium background
  • Amount of Negative Space
  • Color diversity
  • Light spectrum
  • Rule of Thirds

While there are most certainly other points to consider, these considerations are some of the most important when constructing your aquarium. The end result should be a good balance of focal points and negative space, maintenance friendliness, allowing for optimal flow and growth of corals and fish. It’s personally my favorite aspect of setting up a new aquarium!

Also consider if you prefer to start with dry or live rock, since each has it’s benefits. Our preference is to start dry (if from scratch) but when re-aquascaping that may not be an option. If you’re not sure which is best for you reach out for help we would love to help you.